Mental Health Week

Students and staff at Prep marked ‘Mental Health Week’ by focussing on the theme ‘Growing Together’. This theme focussed around the concept of growing emotionally and thinking about ways to help each other grow.

To help children and young people and to grow together as a whole school community, it’s important that we embrace and celebrate diversity, our differences and realise that together these differences make us stronger. Children came into school dressed in different colours of the rainbow with year groups dressed in specific colours, and together they made up the colours of the rainbow; showing how together our differences can make something unique, reflecting this theme.

Throughout the week, classes also discussed Mental health and took part in activities such as ‘yoga’ to explore ways in which we can focus on ourselves and give time to our Mental Health. They were also joined by members of the INSPIRED Sixth Form Senior Charity Team who spent the afternoon visiting each year group and carrying out fun activities around our focus of ‘Growing Together’.

After their visit Mrs Barnett, Headteacher of Prep said, “we had a wonderful time with them and I would like them for taking so much time to plan and work with the children of Prep – they thoroughly enjoyed it!