Miss Saigon

The Heat is On!

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Westholme’s complex, challenging and compelling production of Miss Saigon had the audience in its thrall.   The soloists were truly superb, and the music, so ably performed by our talented orchestra, built up the emotion quickly and powerfully.

The helicopter scene almost defied belief; no-one would have thought this was a ”˜mere school’ production!   Created by Westholme’s very own maintenance team, the helicopter brought dynamism and symbolism to this most savage of separations. Sadness was to be layered upon sadness, and our young cast belied their years, cleverly mastering the complexities of emotions. The team, together, through every song, every line and every action had created an intensity that was to last well after the show had ended.

Director,  Miss Roberts said, “I am delighted with the way this production has come together, as it was a very ambitious project, in many ways. Every single one of the pupils rose to the occasion, and more importantly, they all helped each other to stretch and grow. The camaraderie across the whole group, from the backstage crew to the leading roles, was inspiring.”