Mock Interviews for Year 13

Over the past few weeks, we have held special ‘Mock Interview’ days for students in Year 13 to help them prepare for their future careers.

We have been able to invite members of our business network to conduct interviews with our students virtually over Zoom, and every member of Year 13 has been allocated a 15-20 minute interview with professionals in the field that they are aiming to go into in the future.

The interviews have been tailored to the students UCAS applications, allowing them to be asked focused questions from people who are now in careers in those areas.

Due to Covid-19, all universities are conducting application interviews via the internet this year. Therefore the interviews are valuable in allowing students to get a feel for an interview situation and the kind of pressures that are involved, helping them to prepare for the experience and gain confidence.

The interviewers from our community include people from numerous Law firms, local businesses in various fields, doctors, aeronautical engineers, counter terrorism, creative artist, graphic designers, accountants and a few alumni, including Camilla Ainsworth (Alumna, Runner-up on ‘The Apprentice’ and owner of Mylkplus).

The students have found it very beneficial, with a number of students who have since had official interviews by universities being very grateful for the practice beforehand.

Additionally, each interviewer has provided written feedback on each of the students.