Mon père ne me comprend pas

Senior School French students enjoy a French play

The French theatre company, Onatti, visited Westholme for the third year running on Wednesday 5th March to perform their latest play ‘Mon père ne me comprend pas’ (My father doesn’t understand me).

IMG 6827
All pupils who study French from Years 8 to 13 were invited to watch as the young Helène turns 15 and receives not only a pencil case for her birthday, but also a magic wand. It is definitely a case of being careful what you wish for because Helène decides to wish for a cooler, younger father who buys her the flat screen TV, computer and new mobile phone that she really wants. But the results of her wishes are not as she would have hoped and in the end she realises she loves her father just the way he is.

IMG 6836
The play was very funny and a particular thank you should go to Ramisha Younis and Rayan Afsar for the roles they played!