Mrs Hayton’s Charity Work

Year 5 teacher, Mrs Hayton is to travel to Kenya for charity work

When the girls at Beardwood Bank were asked if they would like to donate items to an orphanage in Kenya, the response was amazing! They were given a small plastic bag and a list of ten small things to put in it, including a toothbrush, a pack of crayons and a notebook.   They were also asked to write a short message, so that each recipient would know the name of their donor.

“I have been thrilled by the generosity of the parents, girls and staff”, said Year 5 teacher, Mrs Hayton.   “When I travel out in August to work with the Maasai people in Ngswani, I am going to have to take a separate suitcase just to carry all these lovely gifts! On behalf of all the people I will meet, thank you all very much!”

Mrs Hayton will be in Kenya for two weeks with the international charity Threads of Hope, helping to develop ways of providing a sustainable income for the widows and their children.