Music Assembly

Billinge House children celebrate Music

This morning, Mrs Williams showcased some of the work that children have been doing in their weekly music lessons at Billinge House.  


Reception children performed ”˜Bransle de chevaux’ a 16th century French dance.   They kept the beat with three different percussion instruments and showed a circle dance with the mini-parachute.


Year 1 entertained us by performing a five verse animal song ”˜I once saw an elephant’ with funny lyrics and actions.  



Year 2 began with ”˜Mi Caballo Blanco’, a Chilean folk song, accompanied by a 4 note chime bar pattern and a rhythm played on the claves.   They ended with a beautiful rendition of ”˜Let’s go fly a kite’ from Mary Poppins.

It was a lovely way to begin the week by sharing the children’s achievements with Mrs Croston, Richmond Bear, Mrs Bolton, the teachers and children in different classes.