Music Colours

Colours awarded for outstanding commitment to Music at Westholme

Colours in Music are awarded to those who have shown commitment over several years to voice and instrumental groups at Westholme, including attendance at concerts in the academic year.

Congratulations to the following students:


Full Instrumental and Choral Colours

Kirsten Black, Heather Duckworth, Charlotte Jackson, Jade Jones, Gabrielle Lamoury, Ruth Scott, Gemma Wignall, Malini Dey


Full Choral Colours

Jenny Campbell, Hannah Dagnall, Eleanor Lynch, Sophie Ward


Full Instrumental Colours

Faye Hammer, Victoria Mawson, Jessica Stuart, Charlotte Stockwell, Abigail Turner


Half Instrumental and Choral Colours

Stephanie Parsonson, Stephanie Leaver


Half Choral Colours

Hattie Campbell, Harriet Dagnall, Isabelle Turner


Half Instrumental Colours

Katie Ashcroft, Sophie Ahmed, Lucy Horsfield, Sophie Taylor