Music workshop

Year 2 enjoy a wonderful morning of music at the Junior Schools

The year 2 children enjoyed a morning spent at the Junior Schools for a music taster session.   They listened as the Year 3 boys played a piece of programme music. They had imagined they were in a haunted house and used instruments to re-create the sounds they might hear.   From a creaking door, to scary footsteps creeping around.


Next, the girls played a piece of music on their recorders, demonstrating the new breathing techniques they had recently been learning in their music lessons.


Year 2, led by Mrs Williams, then performed some lovely songs – the first being a Chilean folk song, complete with percussion, followed by a small selection of girls who took to the hand chimes to play a selection of songs they had learnt in class.   Finally, Year 2 sang a song all about the weather; using percussion instruments to depict the sound of the rain falling and the warm sunshine beating down.


A song, ”˜Do The Crazy Hand Jive’ was enjoyed by all, along with another couple of musical numbers before the session ended and the Year 2 children went for lunch with the Junior School pupils- what a wonderful morning.