“My Mental Self”

Olivia’s Dance Performance

Year 12 student, Olivia Pickford, has just completed her Extended Project entitled ‘My Mental Self’. This is particularly relevant as the theme for the school year is ‘mindfulness and well-being ‘.

Olivia undertook primary research to see how ‘mental health’ manifests itself and she decided to represent her findings in a dance performance that she choreographed herself.

IMG 2812 very Final

The dance piece depicts how social media affects the lives of teenage girls and how it can manifest itself in body dysmorphia, anxiety and the notion of having two personas – one face to face and one online. The dance is set in a studio with weights and boxing equipment that acts as a metaphor for the personal fight and burden placed upon young people today.


Olivia has put a lot of hard work into her dance performance and we wish her the best of luck with her qualification.

We look forward to the Extended Project Research evening on 27th June in the LRC at 4.00pm.