National Careers Week 2022

Between March 7 – March 12 was National Careers Week, and there were several things that were made available to students throughout organised by Head of Careers Mrs Hibberd. In addition, there were also online events including the NCW Virtual Careers Fair that students could attend ‘virtually’.

On the Tuesday lunchtime, INSPIRED Sixth Former Lucy spoke to her fellow students interested in studying medicine in the labs. Lucy is currently applying to study medicine at University and she talked about her recent experiences during university application processes, exam preparation and research, as well as work experience.

She had put together a short presentation that outlined her experiences and gave tips to those students in attendance as well as answering a few questions at the end. It was a great way of giving those students who were interested in studying medicine the opportunity to hear first-hand what Lucy had to say.


Towards the end of the week, students were given the opportunity to speak with INSPIRED Sixth Former Evie and Mrs Hibberd in the careers room at lunchtime to learn more about the volunteering opportunities available with the Barnardos Include Me 2 project and how it could help them to develop key skills and gain a better understanding of the type of career that they may want to get into. The Include Me 2 project involves providing play and leisure opportunities for children and young people who have physical and learning disabilities.

Volunteering is also a great way of gaining valuable work experience, learning more about the different types of working environments and meeting new people. Above all, it is about doing something worthwhile to support the work of a charity.