National Poetry Day

The theme for Westholme’s celebrations for National Poetry Day was ‘Water’

National Poetry Day 3 10 13 015

Westholme’s celebration of National Poetry Day is the stuff of legend! Today’s theme was ‘Water’ and our esteemed judges entered a fish tank; were showered with rain; saw fish, turtles, crabs and lobsters swim around classrooms; traversed waterfalls; dodged seaweed; entered the depths of the seabed; were entertained by a singing fish; ate biscuits, wore goggles and headbands; met SpongeBob SquarePants; watched beautifully choreographed dance routines and heard captivating singing. They also managed to avoid being eaten by a shark or stung by a jellyfish, but they did see some Sixth formers taking a bath!

A big thank you to everyone for allowing us to celebrate National Poetry Day in style. We have to wait until next week, though to find out who the competition winners are . . .

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