Never Forget!

Year 6 boys say goodbye

The Year 6 boys held their leavers’ assembly this afternoon in the hall at Beardwood Bank.   This can be a sad occasion, and this year was no exception, however, tears of laughter were also shed.  

The boys put on a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.  ”˜Westholme’s Got Talent’ was the theme – we even had our very own Ant & Dec and, to much laughter, our very own Simon Cowell (complete with high waisted trousers!)


We heard brilliant musical pieces, funny jokes, wonderful singing and even an amazing performance of ”˜keepy uppy’ with a table tennis bat and ball! They really are a talented bunch!


Mr Lewis concluded the assembly with some memories of his own followed by a slide show of photographs that the boys remembered with fondness – the background music being the Take That song ”˜Never Forget’.

After receiving their gift of a book (Boys – How to be the best at everything) generously paid for by the Westholme Association, the afternoon was over and many parents’ joined us for refreshments back at the Boys’ Junior School.


It was an afternoon they will NEVER FORGET! Special thanks to Mr Haworth and Mrs Holland for helping to  organise the assembly.