Old Girls’ Reunion

Westholmians Hit Soho!


The 2011 London Alumni Reunion was held on Wednesday June 8th in the intimate surroundings of Ronnie Scott’s infamous jazz club in Soho. For some Alumni it was their first reunion (as word had spread of the success of previous reunions at the Houses of Lords and Commons,) and for others it is now a regular social fixture!

Although ages varied wildly, everyone mixed in happily, reminiscing about their Westholme of years gone by. Even though many years of living away from the North West had polished several accents, the Westholme bunch were easily identified through their easy warmth and slight Blackburn burr which seemed to be more noticeable when everyone started to talk at once! We were entertained firstly by an excellent jazz singer, Natalie Williams, and this was followed by the superb pianist Michel le Grand.

We are always looking for exciting new venues for our reunions so if you have any ideas for future events please do let Yvonne or Vivienne in the Development Office know. We are already plotting for 2012 perhaps we can incorporate an Olympic slant.