Panto Time!

Staff at the Boys’ Junior School perform a pantomime

On the penultimate day of term, the staff team performed a pantomime for the boys.   ”˜Red Hot Cinders’ told the traditional tale of Cinderella with staff taking on the various roles.



Mr Lewis, Mr Haworth and Mr Harrison portrayed the wicked stepmother and the two ugly sisters superbly, whilst Mrs Butler and Mrs Daley were amazing in their performances as Cinderella and Prince Charming respectively.   Mrs Sibley, Mrs Burton and Madame Thorpe acted out their supporting roles brilliantly. Last, but my no means least, Mrs Porter narrated the tale with great enthusiasm and her comic timing was perfect.



The boys really enjoyed it and had fun shouting out ”˜Boo’ and ”˜Hiss’ when prompted.   Well done to the entire staff team for such a brilliant performance.