Passover talk with Year 6

Year 6 learn about the Jewish festival of Passover

Year 6  girls were given an interesting insight into the Jewish festival of Pesach, or Passover, which is celebrated later this month.

Mrs McDonald, who travelled from Lancaster, brought along an array of authentic Jewish objects and foodstuffs which assisted her in explaining to the girls how Jewish people first prepare their homes for Pesach and then celebrate with a special meal of roast lamb.

The girls sampled a selection of traditional foods, including matzah (unleavened bread) and charoset (a mixture of apple and honey), which was served on matzah with maror (horseradish).

It was an informative and enjoyable morning which, in addition to improving their understanding of the festival of Passover, also gave the girls an opportunity to ask a variety of questions of their own relating to the subject of Judaism.