Peace Within

As the end of term draws near, there are so many events and projects at Westholme that feel uplifting, often involving collaboration between students, colleagues and parents. These bonds and experiences are such an important part of our community and culture here.

Chicago, Sports Day, Prizegiving, Leavers’ assemblies, and Student and Staff entertainment all provide wonderful experiences for those involved, as well as those watching. Our community is stronger together and we are always seeking new ways to affirm our shared values and expectations.

To quote the late Jo Cox, ‘We have far more in common than things that divide us’. This year tragic news stories from New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, as well as recent events closer to home such as rising knife crime, show starkly that we can never take such matters for granted.

I hope that all our young people and colleagues who are moving on from Westholme this term can reflect upon the bonds that we share and remember the positive and life affirming experiences they have had within our school family. I trust they feel valued for their individuality as well as their attributes. I thank them for their service and contribution to our school.Our school is our community and we keep moving forward, evolving and growing together

‘What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.’ Ted Kennedy

Peace go with you

For quiet within the noise

Hope within the uncertainty

Rest within the toil

Compassion within the challenge

Peace go with you.

Lynne M Horner, Principal