Physics students’ trip to UCLAN

Engineering in Sporting Excellence day at UCLAN


Westholme physics students visited the University of Central Lancashire to enjoy a day of Engineering in Sporting Excellence.  Pupils visited a workshop where they were given the opportunity to explore a full sized hovercraft that had won various prestigious awards and learned about the different scientific effects which had to be taken into consideration when building such engines.  They also studied how the movement of athletes can be carefully monitored and analysed using 3D technology and how it is hugely beneficial to the sports industry.  Girls were also given the opportunity to see for themselves how the performance of cyclists can be monitored and improved using a simulator and computerised technology.  Girls were told how energy can be transferred in a very environmentally-friendly way by humans on a push bike, attached to a generator which, on this demonstration, lit a small light bulb.


The knowledge that the girls came away with will enable them to understand more about how the structure of a piece of machinery affects its performance and how sporting performance can be analysed in order to achieve the best results.