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ICT / Computing

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and computing form an integral part of our curriculum. ICT is used across different subjects and topics in order to support and enhance learning, as well as to teach and consolidate specific ICT skills and understanding; computing skills are taught in specific lessons. Children learn how to use the computer confidently, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Classroom computers enable children to interact with exciting and educational software, developing their mouse and keyboard skills as well as their understanding of simple programs. In addition to these fully networked classroom computers and laptops, our children have access to a wide range of ICT equipment including cameras, remote control toys, programmable robots, role play equipment such as tills and walkie talkies, interactive whiteboards and interactive microscopes. The school is also resourced with a class set of ipads, so that the children are further kept up-to-date with the latest apps and technologies.

Our well resourced ICT suite enables the teaching of specific skills in small groups and classes. Through the delivery of ICT and computing lessons, constant access to classroom computers and equipment and with ICT embedded throughout the curriculum, children become confident and independent users of ICT, using it to support their learning and further their knowledge.