Home Prep Welcome Curriculum Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) Mathematics


Our Infant School children are immersed in an environment conducive to the development of mathematics daily and they are encouraged to develop a healthy and enthusiastic approach to the subject.

The teaching of mathematics emphasises the development of mental calculation strategies, practical work – leading to more formal written methods towards the end of Year Two, investigational work and consolidation of basic number skills and facts.  Each lesson provides both oral and practical work through a range of whole class teaching, collaborative group work, working in pairs and individual tasks.  The teachers use open ended questioning, exercises and challenges to develop individual skill further.  Our emphasis on the correct use of mathematical vocabulary from an early age encourages the children to discuss what they are doing and to explain their mathematical strategies with confidence and good understanding.

Weekly “creative maths” lessons encourage the children to think creatively, to investigate with confidence and to apply what they have learnt.  Using and applying mathematical skills in these popular problem solving lessons enables each child to realise their strengths, to take risks by having a go and to question their actions and findings.