Home Prep Welcome Curriculum Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) Science


Through science, children are encouraged to develop their curiosity about the world around them. We encourage children to ask questions based on observation and support them to find ways to find answers.  Children are also supported to develop sensitivity to their environment and the world around them.

Scientific processes and skills are consolidated from the Early Years Foundation Stage with activities based on first hand experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem solving and prediction.  As children progress in Years One and Two, they follow a carefully structured scheme which facilitates continuity and progression from year to year.  Science is very practical and enjoyable, catering for a wide variety of learning styles e.g. through role play and exploration, discussion, hands-on experience and by demonstration.  Group work is common, with children learning how to investigate by creating a fair test.  They start with a question, decide how they will conduct a test and select which resources they will need.  They draw on previous experience to make predictions and learn how to work scientifically to carry out observations, recording results and draw conclusions.

Wherever appropriate, educational visits are included in our science topics, making use of locations accessible to school. Previous visits have included locations such as Underwater Street in Liverpool, Blackpool Zoo, Brockholes Nature Reserve and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Links to Science are explored through all areas of learning and in particular through our extra-curricular clubs. For example, in ‘Junior Journalists‘ children learn about new scientific discoveries, in ‘Construction Club’ children investigate different materials and in ‘Yoga’ children learn about the human body and muscular strength.