Prep School Harvest Festival Celebration

Our Prep School students attended St Silas’ Church yesterday with a bounty of donations for the Harvest Festival celebrations. Guests were welcomed into the church from 2pm as music was played, accompanied by songs and readings from the students throughout the festival performance.

It’s a whole community effort to share the extra that you have with those who have less and the festival is a reminder of how much of a privilege it is to be able to share our good fortune with those who have hit hard times, particularly at this moment in history.

It was a true moment of pause, reflection and joy to hear our young minds speak so profoundly on the bigger meaning of the festival. How easy is it to forget where our food comes from, how many people it takes to get that meal on our table, or how it feels to not know where our next meal will come from?

‘Let’s give thanks for the harvest’, to St Silas’ Church and to @BlackburnFoodBank for another wonderful Harvest Festival celebration.