Presenting their Findings

Year 12 Extended Qualification Project Presentation Evening

Following the successful Year 13 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Presentation Evening earlier this term, it was the turn of Year 12 to present their work. The EPQ requires students to undertake independent research on a topic that they are passionate about. This allows them to learn skills that will be vital to them in their future studies and careers. Students have either produced a 5000 word or an artefact with a shorter accompanying essay, that they have researched and planned themselves.

IMG 0972 IMG 0978

Student need to present their findings to complete the EPQ and 20 of our Year 12 students did this on Tuesday night. It was another great evening with our students speaking with confidence about a range of interesting topics. All of those present were eager to find out more and challenged the students with difficult questions.

The topics included:

‘Should we go to Mars?…Yes!’

‘Should we be wary of a future Ebola epidemic reaching the UK?’

‘Does Islam have an unfair portrayal in the media?’