Prickly Hay

Year 1 and 2 perform their Nativity

The shining stars of Year 1 and Year 2 dazzled the audience with their animated performance of ‘Prickly Hay – A Nativity Hoedown’, which took place in the Croston Theatre.

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The Prickly Hay story begins with Sam, a hardworking young stable boy, but no one seems to notice his hard work. His friends try to keep his spirits up, but Sam is finding it hard to feel important at all. However, as crowds gather in Bethlehem for the census and the inns fill up, some very special visitors are shown to Sam’s stable. Gradually, as the miraculous events of the night unfold, Sam starts to realise his worth – with a little help from his friends. 


A toe tapping selection of roof raising tunes entertained family and friends, and put everyone in the Christmas mood. The children were so professional and enthusiastic, enthralling the audience with their wonderful acting and singing. They really captured the imagination and made the story their own.


A fabulous performance by some rising stars!