Pringles Challenge

During STEM Enrichment lessons last term, some of our Sixth Form students took on the Pringles Challenge, set for them by Mr Hiller.

This challenge required them to post a single Pringle which should arrive back to school in a fit state to eat and unbroken.

Students spent time researching many different types of packaging – they had to design and make it so that it kept the Pringle protected but not make it too big so that it would cost too much to post – modelling real-life distribution problems.

Mr Hiller asked members of staff if they were travelling away at Christmas so the packages could be posted back to school and Mr Barnett kindly volunteered to post them from America – a whopping 7400 miles to travel!

We were delighted to receive the packages on our return to school and today the students opened them with great anticipation.

The first two packages were unfortunately in pieces but the final package arrived fully intact which is an amazing achievement – the winning team packaged the Pringle in a clear plastic freezer bag and placed into a small cardboard box which was filled with glued crushed polystyrene.

A fantastic experiment and great fun was had by all!