Professional Public Speaking

Public speaking poses no problems for Westholme students

 What better way to kick start the academic year than a public speaking event at Westholme?

Students from Year 12 and 13 gathered together to listen to two team presentations and to receive coaching from Public Speaking professionals.

IMG 7238

Helen Ashworth, a member of the Business and Professional Women’s Association, gave feedback to students, after listening to two superb speeches. Katie Goodier, Hannah Patel and Olivia Ball competed against Eve Jones, Kirsty Dutton and Sonya Karimkhanzand in a friendly competition, but not before students from Westholme, and other schools, were treated to a beautiful buffet dinner, provided by Mrs Ballan and her team.

IMG 7227

We were also fortunate to have David Grainger, a member of a local speakers’ association, giving tips and guidance on how to further develop public speaking technique.

IMG 7228

Hopefully, this event will have inspired even more students to take to the lectern. We know Westholme students are never short of things to say!