Remembering the Fallen

Commemorating the Battle of The Somme

Staff and students at Westholme stopped to remember the tens of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of the Somme earlier.

The History department organised the special commemoration for the centenary of famous Battle; students watched a presentation at 11am in their classrooms whilst also observing two minutes of silence. This was broken by the sound of trench whistles and the Last Post played in the grounds of school, by Year 9 student, Anna Lonsdale, who was flanked by some of our students who are Military Cadets. The sound hauntingly drifted throughout the school and was a poignant reminder of the sacrifices the many men made.

IMG 1613

Lots of Lancashire men fought at the Somme, including the Accrington Pals. 20,000 were killed on the 1st July but the Battle continued until November 18th. In total, one million men lost their lives. Head of History, Mr Stewart acquired a silver replica World War I trench whistle inscribed with ‘Somme100’ which has kindly been given to school as a gift from the History Department. It will be displayed alongside the ceramic poppy, purchased in 2014. Mr Stewart commented, “We wanted to mark this significant occasion at Westholme and I thought it would be extremely fitting that we did so alongside our own ‘pals’, which was a gentle nod to the Accrington Pals.”

IMG 1617

We will remember them.