Activities focussed on Respect

On Wednesday, the Infant and Junior School held ‘Respect Day’ as part of our year of Mindfulness and Wellbeing.

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This was an amazing day that brought together both the Infant & Junior Schools to work in groups that included children from each Year group between Reception and Year 6, and in the afternoon some Sixth Form students as well!

Our Pre School and Nursery children also had their own special day where they looked at sharing and Golden Rules – trying hard; being kind and helpful; being gentle; being honest; listening well and looking after things. Our babies event got involved; their focus was on sharing and turn taking. 

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Through the activities they undertook throughout the day they learnt about the importance of respect, not only between ourselves and other people, but towards our environment as well. It was simply magical to watch children work together to achieve common goals, bringing out the best in each other. As a school, this day summed up the values that we hold dear to us.

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The day itself was filled with creativity, teamwork and vertical learning experiences for all children. Children, in their groups rotated around five activities. They explored the theme of respect towards others – they explored ‘Singing and Signing’, ‘Games Around the World’ – (focusing on ‘African Playground’), Disability awareness, challenging stereotypes as well as discovering what their names mean and how to write them in braille.

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All children worked incredibly hard and showed fantastic leadership, communication and respect throughout. A fantastic day was had by all!

In the end children learnt that we all have more in common, more similarities, more things to celebrate together and to learn from each other, than we do differences.