River Studies at Waddecar

Year 8 Geographers conduct a river study at Waddecar Scout Camp

On Wednesday and Thursday Year 8 headed for Waddecar Scout Camp. Their aim was to learn the skills required for measuring river channel characteristics and assess the pollution levels of the River Brock.

P1070032 P1070054

Team work was essential, as well as a pair of wellingtons, and after much splashing around the students measured the river’s width, depth and speed.

The art of kick sampling was then explained and the Year 8 were very pleased to discover that the River Brock has a superb diversity of fresh water invertebrates which indicates that the water is extremely clean.

P1070060 P1070052

They then fine tuned their orienteering skills, tackling a very challenging course, before embarking on a number of problem solving activities. The pupils were quite exhausted after their day in the fresh air. A great day out was had by all and even the rain didn’t dampen their spirits.