Sacred Places

On Thursday, to support the EPR curriculum, the whole of Year 8 went on a local trail of some important sacred places for Christian, Muslims and Hindus.  This trip enabled students to see and experience buildings that they may be aware and develop an understanding of the features and symbolism incorporated within them.

In the morning students were split into two groups and alternated between Blackburn Cathedral and Jamea Mosque.  In the cathedral, a local science teacher led a trail on the theme of light.  Students considered the different aspects of light and how stained glass windows are used to capture light within the cathedral and compared the different development of stained glass windows throughout the ages.  Also, students were given a tour around the main features of the building learning what makes a cathedral different to other places of worship.  Some of the key pieces of art were reflected on and how they link and express the local nature of the community and Christian faith.  The session was finished by a question and answer session with Canon Rowena.

Imam Saleem welcomed us at the mosque.  We were given an explanation of the ritual washing area and how the different features of the mosque reflected the Islamic faith.  Students commented on how calm and focused the place felt, especially within the main prayer hall.

The afternoon awakened all our sense by the visit to the Veda Hindu Temple in Bolton.  Hiren, who has welcomed students from Westholme for many years, gave an interesting introduction to Hindu beliefs and practices.  Students were very observant of the different symbols and images present and asked excellent questions to further their understanding.

It was a very enriching day in which all students gained valuable experience and opportunity to meet people of faith and see different faiths in practice.

Write up: Miss Jones