Sacred Places

Sacred Places trip for Year 8 pupils

Westholme’s Year 8 pupils made a sacred places trip recently to Blackburn Cathedral, a Hindu temple in Bolton and a mosque in Blackburn.  The girls were warmly welcomed as they took their study of world religions from the classroom into the real world.  The subject was brought alive by the sounds, sights, smells and even the tastes of different cultures and religions. 

In the mosque the girls heard the Adhan, the call to prayer being demonstrated.  They were also taught how to perform Wuzu the ritual ablutions performed by Muslims before prayer and worship. 

At the Cathedral, pupils gained an insight into how medieval pilgrims would have been awestruck by the size and splendour of the mighty works of art.  They then had time to use this holy space to reflect upon those in need in our world. 

Finally the girls were treated to a meal at the Hindu temple and got to see the temple shrine with its array of symbols.  They understood the gods and goddesses to be manifestations of just one God who Hindus call Brahman.  Then, with a few bruised knuckles, pupils got to dance some traditional Indian stick dances.

During the day the girls heard messages of hope and peace in all the places visited.  It gave an insight into our rich multi-cultural and multi-religious country and experience first hand the feelings of unity and diversity that exist in our country.