Sandwiches all round!

Year 4 enjoy a trip to a sandwich factory

As part of their science topic on nutrition, girls in Year 4 visited the sandwich factory at the James Hall Company Distribution Centre. The trip enhanced the children’s understanding of the topic and helped them to generate ideas for their design and technology project; to design and make a healthy sandwich.


The children listened to a presentation, which included a video where they could see the factory in operation. They also heard about how a new sandwich is developed, including important information about nutrition. A discussion on hygiene and health and safety followed.


Everyone really enjoyed looking at the entry area for foodstuff – a storage area where products are prepared to enter the production area. They dressed up in protective clothing and washed their hands before they could go in to observe the preparation of sandwich fillings being made. They also watched the whole process of the assembly of a sandwich right through to when it is packaged up.


Thank you to James Hall for arranging such an informative visit.