Saturday Science

Science is great fun at Westholme!

Who knew that Science could be so much fun?! We welcomed over 110 Year 5 and 6 students from Westholme and many other local primary schools who enjoyed the Saturday Science taster event over the weekend and found out, that in fact, Science is great fun at Westholme!

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In aptly named groups (Einstein, Chadwick, Joule, Newton and Darwin) children enjoyed a carousel of fun activities that ran throughout the day. The ‘Maggot Maze’ session saw children observe maggots and record whether they turned left or right to identify patterns whilst ‘Colourful Plants’ involved them making indicator solutions from natural ingredients such as cabbage, cherries and blueberries. Many of them had fun extracting their own DNA and others enjoyed the ‘Rainbow Challenge’ where they were able to make their very own Rainbow Test Tube. Finally, the ‘Building Bridges’ challenge had an enterprising feel to it where groups were also given the task of building a bridge out of a range of materials such as spaghetti, art straws and sellotape. These materials had to be bought at the ‘bank’, out of a budget of £45 and children had to be astute in working out the best way to spend their money in a bid to make the strongest bridge. At the end of this session, the bridges were tested to destruction in a competition to see which one could hold the most weight before collapsing! Congratulations went to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ team whose bridge held a fantastic 5700g! Please click here to see the competition results.

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The day was a huge success and special thanks must go to the Science department at Senior School who certainly showed everyone that Science is fun. Thank you to everyone who attended; we hope you had a fantastic day.

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