Science and Religion in Contemporary Science

Reverend Dr Mike Kirby visits GCSE EPR lessons

Reverend Dr Mike Kirby has been into lessons to discuss important questions which the GCSE in EPR raises. Revd Dr Kirby is a Curate at Blackburn Cathedral as well as a Physics Lecturer in Radiotherapy at Liverpool University.

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His position in both of these roles is of pertinent interest to GCSE students who are currently looking at vocation and different perspectives on the relationship that Science and Religion can have in contemporary society. The latter is a controversial topic for popular thinkers such as Richard Dawkins who is a loud voice in the media, expressing with vehemence, that there is no common ground in the study of these two disciplines. Revd Dr Kirby, on the other hand, was able to give students the opportunity to hear the alternative approach; as he sees these two spheres of human experience, working together, to inform and enrich our understanding of the universe.

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Students were left awe struck when learning the statistics about how little humans actually know about the universe that we live in, and their understating of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ has greatly improved with a new insight into how God could be seen as part of the process.