Science Club’s Great Egg Challenge

Eggcitement at Science Club!

Science Club Egg Parachutes Sept 2013 007 Science Club Egg Parachutes Sept 2013 011

Westholme’s Junior Science Club has proved extremely popular for our younger students.  From making a solid that then driped through their fingers, to dissecting animal hearts to see how they work, pupils in Years 7 – 9 have thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty on a Wednesday lunchtime!

In their latest scientific study, teams were issued with a standard parachute kit and an egg.  Their mission was to be able to drop the egg from a first floor window.  All teams came up with incredibly imaginative ways of combining foam, cardboard, plastic sheeting and straws to form their very own parachutes designed to allow the raw egg to survive the drop. 

Science Club Egg Parachutes Sept 2013 016

The atmosphere at Science Club on Wednesday lunchtime was highly charged as the long-anticipated and highly competitive egg parachute drop took place.  After decorating their eggs, the teams nervously gathered on the field to watch the launch of their creations.  Passionate cries of ‘You can make it, Eggward!’ and ‘It’s not that bad, Eggbert’ rebounded as all but one egg made it down safely. 

Science Club Egg Parachutes Sept 2013 024 Science Club Egg Parachutes Sept 2013 031

Who knows what experiments are planned for the next Science Club . . .