Seema’s Success

Former Westholme Head Girl secures South Ribble constituency for the Conservatives.

This morning, Westholme is proud to announce that Parliament has gained the benefit of our very first alumna, Seema Kennedy (nee Ghiassi). Seema successfully secured the South Ribble constituency for the Conservatives in yesterday’s general election.

This is a significant first for the School, and we could not be more delighted for Seema. A former Head Girl, she showed very early promise and we spoke to Mrs Croston about her recollections of the younger Seema. She said, “Seema was a stunning Head Girl and I have very clear and positive memories of working with her. She was dynamic, articulate and very personable. She led from the front with drive, yet a lightness of touch, which made her highly effective. Essentially, Seema had that wonderful combination of a sharp mind and the energy to make things happen. I know she will go far. Today’s achievements are just the start and we will no doubt see Seema leading the country one day!”

IMG 5668Seema Kennedy on her visit to Westholme last year.

We couldn’t agree more. Despite the many demands on Seema’s time this morning, we managed to grab her for a chat. Naturally, she was absolutely buzzing, and we were squeezed in between the makeup artists who were preparing her for TV! She said, “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected as an MP. It is the fulfilment of a dearly held ambition, and I am ready to put into action all the plans I have promised. I intend to work hard for older people, carers and those in society who are often overlooked. The local businesses in South Ribble will have a strong voice, especially our farmers, and the defence industries. I can’t wait to get started!”

We also asked Seema how Westholme had prepared her for this path and she replied, “Westholme gave me the knowledge that I could achieve anything. Anything at all!”

On behalf of everyone at Westholme, we echo that. Well done Seema, now go and show the country what Westholmians can do!