Sixth Form STEM – Walking on Water

Archimedes said it could be done and now the Westholme Sixth Form STEM group have proved it can be done. The challenge was simple: given £70, could you build a pair of shoes to help you walk across the swimming pool?

Using Archimedes principle, fluid dynamics and theories of stability, the STEM enrichment group designed what they hoped would keep them afloat.

A trip to B&Q had the students bending pieces of wood to test their strength and looking at plywood with more interest than they ever thought possible!

Weeks of hard work finally paid off and the shoes were ready for the students to hit the pool and try them out.  There was some fierce but friendly rivalry between the groups which added to the entertainment!

Overall the design was a fantastic success and the students had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Congratulations to all involved!! Please view the video of the event here.