Social Inclusion Day

EPR and Sociology students’ Social Inclusion Day

Year 11 EPR and Lower Sixth Sociology students were given a unique opportunity on Tuesday 25th September, when a range of outside speakers came to Westholme to tell the girls about their life experiences.   The purpose of the day was to encounter people who work with those on the fringes of society and to challenge the girls to think about the problems created by prejudice and discrimination in the world.

There was a variety of speakers with different social and cultural backgrounds.   Students met Tanya, a refugee from Congo who spoke about her harrowing experiences in the face of politically-motivated violence in her home country.   Jackie and Lorraine from The Restore Project gave an insight into their life journey and their path to find the contentment and peace in a world that seemed to be working against them.   There was an interactive session with the Probation Service which educated students about the various ways of dealing with offenders.   The final session was with Father John from The Thomas Project who deepened our thinking about finding purpose and reason in our Westernized lifestyles.


Students left at the end of the school day moved by the emotive speakers and eager to tell others about the stories they had heard.