Social Science Trips

Sixth Form students enjoy Sociology and Psychology trips

Sixth Form students have enjoyed two Sociology and Psychology trips this month.

Upper Sixth Sociology and Psychology students had a very exciting and busy day on Friday 7th March when they spent time at Preston Crown Court, Preston Police Station and Police Headquarters.

IMG 0177
The aim of the day was to allow the students to see sociological and psychological theory in practise. It certainly allowed this to happen and much more. After a tour of the court cells and a talk from Probation services, students sat and watched trials, listened to sentence appeals and witnesses giving evidence. They had the chance to ask Barristers and the court clerk questions and see how an actual court runs on a daily basis.

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After a busy morning it was off to Preston Police Station and then to Police Headquarters at Hutton. Both these visits gave students the chance to ask Police Inspectors questions about their role, about the law and about how things operate within the police force. They saw the Communications room, which is where all the emergence calls are answered and saw all the live CCTV images for the Preston area.


This really was an amazing and insightful trip and students found the day extremely insightful and beneficial for their A2 studies. We would like to thank Inspector Andrea Bradbury for making this day possible.

Lower Sixth Sociology students also had an exciting morning on Thursday 27th March when they managed to hire Accrington Magistrates Court One.

IMG 0196 IMG 0197

With the help of an old Westholme friend and serving Magistrate, Mr Beard, the students spent the morning re-enacting court cases, discussing and deciding upon punishments and spending time in the dock and the cells.

IMG 0198
The morning was a huge success and students were able to use their sociological theory to analyse various cases. Many thanks to Mr Beard for his help in arranging the morning!