Solar Panels spell bright future

A ray of inspiration at Westholme


Westholme School is leading the way for sustainable schools by generating its own electricity through solar panels.

Burnley company Solarlec will fit 52 panels at School, enabling us to benefit through the government’s clean energy scheme, which pays an income to businesses and homeowners for generating their own energy.

We will see a significant drop in our energy bills and reduce our carbon footprint dramatically.

Westholme has looked into various renewable energy solutions including wind turbines, as part of ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve its Energy Certificate Rating. It was concluded that the solar panels were the best fit for many reasons – financially, as the school  will receive a regular income for generating  its own clean energy and also that the panels virtually take care of themselves.

The pupils will also be able to observe the efficiency of the panels thanks to a sophisticated data monitoring system which was recommended and installed by Solarlec.

Westholme is one of the first schools in the UK to have a solar PV system fitted.   Ged Rowbottom, managing director of Solarlec predicted that more and more schools will switch to solar energy when they see the numerous benefits.