Spelling Bee

The Times Spelling Bee Competition


Westholme’s Year 7 spellers (Daisy Hancox, Freya Timcke, Emily Burke and Fallon Hargreaves) had been preparing for months for their final test at the Times Spelling Bee competition in Bolton, playing spelling games, learning hundreds of words and spending many hours on the official Spelling Bee website.

The team acquitted themselves really well. This was a first for Westholme and we certainly learnt some tactics for next year, but Daisy, Freya, Emily and Fallon did Westholme proud! The Spellmaster particularly liked the girls’ choice of team name: Purple Power and they were undaunted by words such as ‘xenophobia’, ‘accidental’, ‘facetious’ and ‘pneumonia’ .

Ever the opportunists, Mrs Peers and Mrs Corrigan spotted an icecream shop to celebrate in on the way back to school! A really fun morning was enjoyed by all and we are already planning our campaign for next year!