Stepping Back In Time

A trip to Staircase House

Year 2 travelled back in time to 1666 and experienced a day in the life of Samuel Pepys during their visit to Staircase House, a Grade II listed building in Stockport. The children sang songs, “London’s Burning” and “London Bridge is Falling Down” and they enjoyed dressing up as King Charles, Samuel Pepys and their royal subjects whilst acting out the events of 1st September 1666. The children successfully managed to make a water chain and a fire break to help put out the fire!

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In the afternoon, the children met the Plague Doctor and made their own scented herb bags and wrote a little good luck charm to ward off the plague. The children rounded off the day by making a wattle and daub structure and looked at the authentic construction of Staircase House.

The trip provided a fascinating insight into the past and Year 2 had a wonderful day.

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