Story Time!

A special trip for Pre School

This morning, children in Pre School enjoyed a visit to a bookshop in Kirkham for a special story time session. Book, Bean and Ice Cream is owned by friend of Westholme, Elaine Silverwood, who also runs Silverwood Book Events.

IMG 1778

We were delighted when Elaine invited our Pre School children to her shop and they enjoyed listening to Jake the Storyteller read some books from the ‘Claude’ series, written by Alex T Smith. As the name of the shop indicates, Elaine also sells ice cream and after their story, the children were excited to learn that they could have an ice cream and took great delight in placing their order at the counter with Elaine.

IMG 1791 IMG 1788

We would like to say a special thank you to Elaine and Jake for welcoming our children to Book, Bean and Ice Cream. Many of the children had purchased the ‘Claude’ series of books and were looking forward to returning to school where they would be able to talk more about this wonderful trip.

IMG 1781