Superb Swimming!

AJIS Swimming Gala

All the swimmers should be utterly proud of the determination and tenacity they showed at the AJIS swimming gala earlier this week.

IMG 0636

The standard of swimming was top class and our team did really well to get through to as many finals as they did. We also came away with medals of all colours – an incredible achievement!

IMG 0671 IMG 0647

A particularly large well done should go to the Year 5 girls’ freestyle relay team who, after finishing with the second fastest time in the heats, went on to swim an awesome race resulting in them winning the event!

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Boys’ teams
Year 6 – Harry Deegan, Freddie Pickford, Ben Middleton, Oliver Newbury
Year 5 – Charlie Casper, Edward Lee, Sam Hancock, Robert Avent, Tom Stevens

Girls’ teams
Year 6 – Charlotte Hempsall, Christie Sturgess, Bailey Chadwick, Sophie Waddicor, Tilly Daley
Year 5 – Hollie Cubbon, Lola Baron, Mia Machie, Aisha Sykes, Tahlia Maughan

Well done to all of the above pupils who took part. Listed below are our medal winners.

Results from the finals:
Year 5 4x25m Individual Medley – Hollie Cubbon – 3rd place
Year 5 25m Backstroke – Aisha Sykes – 2nd place 
Year 5 25m Breaststroke – Tahlia Maughan – 3rd place 
Year 5 25m Front Crawl – Lola Baron – 1st place
Year 6 50m Front Crawl – Christie Sturgess – 3rd place
Year 5 Medley Relay – Aisha Sykes, Lola Baron, Mia Machie, Hollie Cubbon – 2nd place
Year 5 Freestyle Relay – Lola Baron, Aisha Sykes, Mia Machie, Hollie Cubbon – 1st place