Reception Pupils Create Superheroes!

The children in Reception have been working hard on their new topic: Superheroes!

As part of their ‘Thinkodocus’ challenge, all of the children created their very own superhero masks from different coloured card and other decorations. In the role play area, lots of children also had great fun exploring the ‘Superhero Headquarters!’ testing out their superpowers. Meanwhile, others have been designing houses for the superheroes out of the magnetic 3D shapes, and in Mathematics, we have been focusing on some superhero addition. In Literacy, we have been writing wanted posters for the ‘Evil Pea’ who is the enemy of the protagonist in the story they have been reading ‘Supertato’.

The children spent a lesson making ‘Supertato’ charachters out of real potatoesand ‘Evil Pea’ from paper plates and tissue paper which was very effective.

We have also really enjoyed asking our families about what superpowers they would have and created some amazing homework with this! What a dynamic class of little superheroes we have in Reception!