Super fun at Superskills!

Children on ‘Superskills’ holiday weeks have enjoyed a wonderful range of activities this summer.

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Each week focused on teaching three different skills – ball skills and games; first aid and life saving; team building and alternative sports.

The children learnt the key ball skills to play hockey and cricket. They enjoyed using their skills to play the games at the end of each day. Following Andy Murray’s success, the children were taught tennis skills and had a lots of fun using the excellent sports facilities at Wilmar Lodge.

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Everyone was awarded with an official first aid certificate after learning how to save a life in the pool, provide basic first aid and administer CPR. It was fantastic to see children of all ages show how mature they could be, putting friends into the recovery position and reacting to some difficult scenarios.

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They all celebrated Rio 2016 by making up their own alternative sports through team building and collaboration between junior and infant children. The alternative games invented by the children ranged from ‘swimming pool rounders’ and ‘three legged/three armed netball’ to crawling races and dance relays! There was even room for drama synchro in the pool!

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Over the past three weeks, all children have enjoyed working together as a team and have learnt many news skills. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Milnes and Ben, Tom Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe for a fabulous Superskills club.

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