Swimming Gala

House Swimming Gala 2011

The House swimming gala took place, as is tradition, on the last Friday before the February half term holiday.  The Intermediate gala (Years 9 & 10) got the day off to an exciting start with the first record of the day being broken early on.  The Year 9 two-lengths backcrawl race was won convincingly by Lucy Davis of Calder who astounded the crowd by swimming the event in an unbelievable 25.83 seconds – knocking over a second off the previous record which had been held since 2003.  Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Megan Davis of Pendle then left the spectators in awe with her annihilation of the previous Year 10 two-lengths frontcrawl time.  Megan swam the event in 21.69 seconds, taking nearly a second and a half off the time set way back in 1997!  First Place went to Calder.

In the Senior gala (Year 11 and Sixth Form) the water polo competition was, as always hotly and quite violently contested!   Calder won this event too! 

The Junior gala’s highlights included the Neat Dive and the Novelty event.  Congratulations to Lisa Yates of Longridge who went through to eventually win the whole school event.  First place went to Longridge

Swimming Gala Champions for 2011 – Calder with 235 points.