Team Building Day

On the first day of the academic year our Upper and Lower Sixth students enjoyed a challenging trip to the Anderton Centre in Chorley.

Not only were they facing a variety of obstacles to overcome, it was also a test of their team work and communication; the students were placed into teams which mixed both year groups together, forcing them to work with fellow pupils that they may not know as well.

Amongst the challenges, students had to stack crates, with two students stood atop the stack as it grew to great heights. Additionally, they ascended trees and overcame their fears with a leap of faith jump, perfected archery skills, ran a “beat-the-clock” low rope gauntlet, abseiled, and took part in many other smaller challenges.

The afternoon was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with the energy and positivity which it has ignited in the students providing the perfect start to the new term.