Technology Awards

Textiles and Food Technology prizes for Year 8 pupils

The annual Westholme Technology Prizes for Year 8 pupils have been awarded.


The Westholme Challenge Cookery Competition

Pupils were given the task of producing and serving a celebration dish for two people.  They also had to design a detailed folder of work. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Grace Creaner (8W), Grace Collum (8L), Meritxel Alier (8M), Sophie Lamb (8S).

Highly Commended:

Beth Hothersall (8W), Hibah Ahmad (8L), Lucy Atwood (8M), Claudia Keogh (8S).


Textiles Competition

The Year 8 Textiles students worked extremely hard to produce beautiful bags and cushions, along with a comprehensive folder full of designs and written work. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Natasha Mols (8W), Henna Sayeed (8M), Jessica Parmer (8L), Grace Rawlinson (8S)

Highly Commended

Gabriela Sharp (8W), Salonee Shah (8M), Briony Pay (8L), Flora Robson (8S)