Technology Day

Technology students compete in the Rotary Club Technology Tournament

Mrs Hall and Mrs Lawrence Beard took three teams to Hollins School to take part in the annual Technology rotary club tournament which is sponsored by BAE systems.

photo 2 photo 3

The teams were given the brief to design a contraption that would pick up a tennis ball and move it out of a small plastic box from a distance of 1.5 meters without leaning over the table.

They came up with creative and innovative solutions to the problem, with a very limited range of materials and only basic hand tools. They created some truly magnificent engineering masterpieces!

photo 4

The judges were very complementary about how well they had worked as teams, how beautifully they had presented their detailed design folders and several commented on the originality of their ideas.

photo 6 photo 8

They were very impressed with the advanced team’s entry and especially their use of knitting, so much so that they won second place!

Very well done to all the contestants for all their hard work. What an exciting and challenging day!