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You only have to see the wonderful artwork around Billinge House to know that creative work is a really strong element of the Infant curriculum at Westholme. The displays celebrate our children’s achievements across the curriculum.

In Art and Design the children learn from an early age about colour, form, texture and pattern. They begin to explore the work of artists and other craftspeople. By the time the children are ready to leave Billinge House they will have developed a broad base of creative skills; from painting in the style of Picasso to reproducing African patterns in bold collage designs.

We are fortunate to have visiting artists to inspire the children to achieve even higher creative standards. These have included a famous children’s book illustrator, a local artist and being involved in creating weird and wonderful creatures for a computer based zoo!

Indeed Art and Design permeates through the whole curriculum, enriching topic work and extending children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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